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The World Soils 2019 Poster Session will take place on 2 July 2019 from 17:10 to 19:30 in the Big Hall. Please find below the list of posters with the relative poster board number.

  1. ID 143 - Scaling up Land Restoration Approaches to Reclaim the Hardpans of Niger for Agriculture using Sentinel 2 Imagery
    Ahmed, Mohammed Irshad | International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
  2. ID 146 - Estimation of Soil Moisture in Bare Soils of the Northern Dry Zone of the Deccan Plateau, Karnataka, using Sentinel-1 C imagery
    Ahmed, Mohammed Irshad | International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
  3. ID 107 - The Mediterranean Soil Spectral Library: An Example of an Effective Way to Exchange Soil Spectral Libraries Originated from Different Sources
    Ben Dor, Eyal | Tel Aviv University - TAU
  4. ID 159 - Retrieval of Agricultural Topsoil Properties from Hyperspectral Data: Assessment of Spectral and Spatial Resolution Effects
    Casa, Raffaele |University of Tuscia
  5. ID 127 - Predicting Soil Organic Matter Content using Machine Learning Models based on Sentinel-2 Imagery
    Ćirić, Vladimir I. | Faculty of Agriculture
  6. ID 136 - Prediction of Soil Microbial Biomass C in Italian Vineyard Soils by Artificial Neural Networks
    Contin, Marco | University of Udine
  7. ID 101 - Citizen Observatory based Soil Moisture Monitoring
    Dobos, Endre | University of Miskolc
  8. ID 100 - RS Based Soil Diagnostics Mapping and Use for Soil Property Estimation
    Dobos, Endre | University of Miskolc
  9. ID 134 - FLOWERED: Crowdsourcing and Copernicus Data for Soil Contamination from Fluoride in African Rift Valley
    Drimaco, Daniela | Planetek Italia s.r.l.
  10. ID 155 - Soil Moisture Monitoring with Spire’s Planned Constellation of GNSS-R CubeSats
    Freeman, Vahid | Spire Global Inc.
  11. ID 119 - Spatial Models for Topsoil Clay Content Predictions at National Scale – Evaluating Different Predictor Datasets
    Gebauer, Anika | Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research
  12. ID 114 - Spectroscopy, Spectral Imaging and Colour Features for Soil Organic Carbon Estimation under Visible Spectrum
    Gholizadeh, Asa | Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  13. ID 135 - Healthy Soils and Land Management in a Changing Climate
    Gobin, Anne | VITO
  14. ID 108 - Soil Classification Techniques in Transylvania Area Based on Satellite Data
    Gorgan, Dorian | Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  15. ID 133 - LUCAS - The Truth On Soil?
    Jones, Arwyn | European Commission - Joint Research Centre
  16. ID 113 - Visible Near-infrared Spectroscopy and Water Vapor Sorption for Soil Specific Surface Area Estimation
    Knadel, Maria Augusta | Aarhus University, Dept. of Agroecology
  17. ID 154 - GROW Observatory as a Soil Moisture Data Validation Service
    Konstantakopoulos, George | GROW Observatory
  18. ID 137 - Steps Toward Implementing INSPIRE Rules on Soil Data Specification, some issues
    L'Abate, Giovanni | Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria
  19. ID 130 - Distributed Ledger Technology in the Analysis of Earth Data and Its Use in Decision-Making for Sustainable Food Systems
    Leveille, Genevieve | AgriLedger
  20. ID 147 - TerraVisie: An Operational Soil Displacement Monitoring Service Based On Satellite Data
    Loenen, Edo | Science [&] Technology
  21. ID 140 - Estimation of Different Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles Parameters at the Valencia Anchor Station
    Lopez-Baeza, Ernesto | University of Valencia, Faculty of Physics
  22. ID 109 - Remote Sensing and Sustainable Management of Soc in the Sahelian Area
    Loum, Macoumba | National Institute of Pedology
  23. ID 104 - Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Soil Heavy Metals Inversion based on Collected Regressions on Encoded Land-Use Features
    Ma, Lei | Chinese academy of science, institute of automation
  24. ID 148 - Crop Sustainability System: The Preservation of Soil in Agriculture
    Mc Donnell, David | Anuland Limited
  25. ID 149 - Sampling Design Optimization Using DEM And Sentinel 2 Spectral Data For Precision Agriculture
    Minařík, Robert | Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation
  26. ID 118 - Earth Observation for Soil Mapping and Monitoring in The Netherlands
    Mulder, Vera Leatitia | Wageningen University
  27. ID 122 - Building the Italian National soil spectral library
    Priori, Simone | CREA
  28. ID 102 - Assessment of Climatic Variability on Optimal N in Long-term Rice Cropping System
    Regmi, Sabina | Nepal Agricultural research Council
  29. ID 131 - A Semi-arid Mediterranean Soil Spectral Library of Degraded Soils to Support Ground Truthing and Validation of Space-based EO Data
    Schmid, Thomas | Fritz CIEMAT
  30. ID 150 - Assessment of Crop integrating Vegetation and Soil Indices and soil properties. Case study: NE of Romania
    Stoleriu, Alexandra Petronela | Doctoral School of Geosciences, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi
  31. ID 132 - The Combination Of EO And None EO Data To Quanitify And Monitor Chemical And Physical Properties Of Soils In Real World Agronomy Applications
    Travers, Marcus | SoilEssentials
  32. ID 124 - Sentinel-2 time series to map Topsoil Organic Carbon content over Temperate Croplands: an Overview of recent results from the Versailles plain (221 km², France)
    Vaudour, Emmanuelle | AgroParisTech
  33. ID 115 - Can We Retrieve Soil Property Profiles from Spaced Based EO, In-Situ Data and Modeling?
    Zeng, Yijian | University of Twente
  34. ID 111 - Effect Of Sandy Amendment Combined With different Doses Of ManureOn Water Retention In Sandy soil Of Arid Areas: Soil Negga In Southeastern Tunisia
    Zriba, Zied | Institut des régions arides